Note: We offer a wide range of services, what we have below is a summary of the most common services we offer. If what you need isn’t listed below, give us a call, we will get you sorted out.

Basic 2 and 4 stroke service

From R1275

  • Gearbox Oil Flush
  • Gearbox Oil Replaced (up to 1L)
  • Spark Plug (selected models)
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Clutch Fluid Flush
  • Service Labor
  • Oil Filter
  • Full Check Over


  • Loose Rim Tire Chance: R100 (R150 on Bike)
  • Wash & lube Service: R180
  • Carb Service: From R480
  • Custom made 2 stroke header exhaust cages (65-85cc): R2500
  • Custom made 2 stroke header exhaust cages(125cc-300cc): R3500
  • Linkage bearing service: From R720
  • Neck set bearing service: From R720
  • 2 stroke header pipe blow out and straighten: From R550
  • Full 2 stroke & 4 stroke rebuilds – (pricing on request)
  • 2 & 4 stroke top end rebuilds – (pricing on request)